IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Managed space

The basic model of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics is to have a single Managing Server and many data collectors. The data collectors are dynamically controlled through the Managing Server. The data collectors deliver their collected data to the Managing Server.

The Managing Server is the heart and brain of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics. It is the entity to which each of the many data collectors communicate, and provides the ITCAM for Application Diagnostics User Interface.

The data collectors are the eyes and ears of ITCAM for Application Diagnostics. For each Application Server being monitored, a data collector is deployed on the computer hosting the Application Server. (If a server has two application servers, then configure two data collectors on the server in order to monitor both application servers.)

The following table describes what is in the managed space:

Components of the managed space

Component Description
Servers Any server on which a data collector is installed is in the managed space. For z/OS systems, a server is considered to be equivalent to an LPAR.
Application Servers

Any application server running in a JVM in which a data collector is configured is in the managed space. CICS and IMS™ regions are considered to be application servers.

The architecture of WebSphere running on z/OS consists of a single application server definition with a control region and one or more servant regions. The definition and the regions are called an application server instance. What ITCAM for Application Diagnostics considers to be the application server depends on the context. In a few cases, the application server is either the entire application server instance (as in the case of MOD schedules). In most cases, the application server is an individual application servant region.

Resources ITCAM for Application Diagnostics monitors common resources that are made available through the application server and the J2EE APIs, such as EJB, JMS, JNDI, JDBC, and JCA. If an application server is in the managed space, then the resources it provides are also in the managed space.

ITCAM for Application Diagnostics supports monitoring of any application which is served by an application server. If the application server is in the managed space, then the applications it serves is in the managed space. As a corollary, stand-alone applications, which are not served through an application server, are not in the managed space.

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