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Create a Memory Leak Diagnosis report

In the Memory Leak Diagnosis report each row in the Suspected Memory Leaks table represents an allocation pattern for which memory allocation data has been collected. When a memory leak occurs objects accumulate on the heap and increase over time. The growth data informs you as to what is growing on the heap.

To create a Memory Leak Diagnosis report:

  1. From the top navigation, click...

      Problem Determination > Memory Diagnosis > Memory Leak > group and server > OK

  2. From the Additional Tools box, click the Memory Leak Diagnosis link.

    The Memory Leak Diagnosis report page displays, showing the server and group you selected, as well as essential server information and the date and time this report was generated. The list of suspected memory leaks follows.

    If you receive the error CYNVE0746E: This server not instrumented for detail heap data collection. This might indicate that the application server has not received any requests yet. Run Memory Leak Diagnosis again when you know requests are in the system. Check that the Level 3 monitoring mode and the heap analysis flag on the data collector have been enabled. If you still receive this error, contact the system administrator.

  3. Click the Class Name link to view references to live objects on the heap.

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Memory Leak

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