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Configure references from J2EE services to Tivoli custom service - J2EE Agent

You need to setup 6 references of the J2EE services in the NetWeaver server to the Tivoli custom service. The services to be modified are shown in the following table:

Services and related xml files

Service name Related xml file
connector connector-provider.xml
naming naming-provider.xml
servlet_jsp servlet_jsp-provider.xml
ejb ejb-provider.xml
jms_provider jms_provider-provider.xml
jmsconnector jmsconnector-provider.xml

Apply the following steps to setup the references one by one:

  1. Start the J2EE Engine Visual Administrator and connect it to the J2EE Engine.

  2. Select Server > Services > Configuration Adapter Service.

  3. Selcet Runtime > Display Configuration.

  4. Select Edit mode.

  5. Select cluster_data > server/dispatcher > cfg > services > <component_name>-provider.xml. In the dialog window that is displayed, add the component reference into the configuration of components respectively:
    <reference type="service" strength="weak">

  6. Click OK to save your changes.

    Repeat steps 5 and 6 to setup the references for all the components.

  7. Restart the corresponding cluster element.


The Tivoli service is not undeployed during unconfiguration. You can not undeploy it because all the data collectors share the Tivoli service. To undeploy the Tivoli service before undeployment.

Otherwise, the Netweaver server can not start.

For more information about how to modify the reference of a component, refer to the SAP Note (857025).

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