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Pre-configuration steps for Tomcat users - J2EE Agent

When you installed the Tomcat server using the Windows installer, perform the following steps to pre-configure Tomcat DC manually. If you installed the Tomcat server using Tomcat archive build, skip the following steps.

In the following text, <TOMCAT_HOME> refers to the directory where Tomcat Application Server is installed. <DC_HOME> refers to the directory where TOMCAT DC is installed

For Tomcat 5.5, there is no batch script in <TOMCAT_HOME>\bin. Copy the batch scripts from archive build or other locations of Tomcat 5.5.

Before starting Tomcat windows service, navigate to My Computer > Advanced > Environment Variables and find the system variable PATH. Set it as <DC_HOME>\toolkit\lib\w32-ix86.

Configure Java CLASSPATH for Tomcat in Tomcat configuration tool by invoking tomcat5w.exe in <TOMCAT_HOME>\bin. Find Java Options in the tab page named Java and append the following command lines:


  1. There should be no any space character at the end of each line.

  2. For Tomcat 5.0, the last three properties:
    should be removed from Java Options.

In the above code, %DC_HOME% refers to the DC Installation home; %INSTANCE_NAME% refers to the instance name of Tomcat dc used to distinguish from others; %NODE_NAME% refers to host name of DC side server; %TOMCAT_SERVER% refers to the Tomcat version, which should be written as "tomcat50" or "tomcat55"; %JDK_VENDOR% refers to the JDK vendor, which should be either "sun" or "ibm"; %JDK_VERSION% refers to JDK version, which should be written as 15 when the JDK is 1.5; %TOMCAT_HOME% refers to the Tomcat installation home, and %LOG_PATH% refers to the Tomcat DC log file, whose default value should be "C:/PROGRA~1/IBM/tivoli/common". Replace the variables by their real value in your environment.

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