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Post-configuration steps for all application servers using Sun JDK - J2EE Agent

For Sun JDKs, data collector configuration enables verbose garbage collection output by -Xloggc JVM argument. By default, the -Xloggc causes JVM to generate class loading and unloading events to native standard output stream, if user chooses to redirect it to log files, it may fill the log files and consume excessive disk space.

To suppress class loading and unloading events, add the -XX:-TraceClassUnloading -XX:-TraceClassLoading options to the JVM argument of the application server. Please refer to the administration guide of the application server for instructions on how to add options to JVM arguments.

For more information about the -XX:-TraceClassUnloading -XX:-TraceClassLoading options, refer to:

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Configure the ITCAM for J2EE data collector