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Post-configuration steps for Tomcat users - J2EE Agent

To monitor JMS, you need to do the following step. Otherwise, skip this post-configuration step.

Put the JMS standard interface library (all the interfaces and classes with package, javax.jms.*) into <DC_HOME>/common/lib in UNIX/Linux or <DC_HOME>\common\lib in Windows, instead of any other location. In this way, JMS application can be monitored by Tomcat DC.

You need to perform different post-configuration steps for the Tomcat server started by Java Service Wrapper. To reconfigure the DC right after it is unconfigured, continue your reconfiguration and the DC configuration tool will pick up all properties in the itcam_wrapper.conf file and reuse them. To change the wrapper.conf file after the DC is unconfigured, perform this procedure:

  1. Manually remove the whole ITCAM Configuration section which begins with the line ###include ITCAM Data Collector Configuration File Begin and ends with the line ###include ITCAM Data Collector Configuration File End in the wrapper.conf file.

  2. If there are missing numbers in JVM arguments after you removed the section above, please follow the Java Service Wrapper guidelines and add the missing properties or change the numbering of other properties to ensure that the wrapper.conf file is well formed.

  3. Permanently remove the itcam_wrapper.conf file from disk.

  4. At this time, ITCAM will be completely unconfigured and you can continue your changes on the wrapper.conf file.

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