IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Step 10: Enter J2SE application instance information - J2EE Agent

In this window, enter the information required to configure the J2SE instance.

Figure 1. J2SE Managing Server instance information

  1. In the J2SE Application Instance Name field, enter the name of the Managing Server instance to be configured for the data collection.

    Use only English characters and Arabic numbers for the instance name.

  2. Select either Replace existing startup script. or Generate sample script

  3. If you select Replace existing startup script, click Browse in the J2SE Application Startup Script field to locate a startup script that will launch the application server.

    When you are reconfiguring the application server, if you use a different application name or different instance name, the startup script will be modified incorrectly, to avoid this, use a different start up script without any existing data collector configuration information.

  4. If you select Generate sample script, the following fields are displayed:

  5. In the Script Path field, enter the directory for the sample startup script.

  6. In the JVM Arguments field, enter the JVM options without the main class name, for example: -Dvarible1=value1

  7. In the Program Arguments field, enter the program arguments after the main class.

  8. After entering the required information, click Next to configure the DC.

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Configure the J2EE data collector for J2SE