IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Step 9: Select the server instance to configure - J2EE Agent

Select the server instance to configure for data collection.

Figure 1. Server instance selection

A panel is displayed requesting four parameters for the Oracle Application Server. It is a requirement in Oracle Application Server version 10.1.3, that the application server is running, this is not required in previous Oracle Application Server versions.

  1. In the Application Server Control user name field and the Application Server Control password field, enter the user name and password you use to login into the web console. Usually the URL for the web console is similar to the following URL: http://host:7777/em.

  2. If the Oracle Application Server is installed on the same server as the data collector, leave the Application Server Control hostname as localhost, otherwise enter the address of the server where the Oracle Application Server is installed.

  3. The Application Server Control rmiport field value is dynamic, to find this port number, ensure the server is running, then execute the following command:
    ./opmnctl status -l
    The option 1 for list. The opmnctl command is the start script for the Oracle Application Server, it is available here: <ORACLE_HOME>/opmn/bin

Click Next to configure the DC.

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