IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Step 10.b (SSL one way mode): Select the server instance to configure - J2EE Agent

Figure 1. Server instance selection (SSL one way mode, continued)

Figure 2. Server instance selection (SSL one way mode, continued)

The instance on the Managing Server is shown in this window. Select it to configure. The server instance data displayed in this window is the same as what is entered from the previous screen in Step 9. Correct the data if it is incorrect.

You can choose to modify WebLogic startup script by select Modify WebLogic startup script. The WebLogic server startup script is a command file that contains the prompts that launch the WebLogic application server instance. If the WebLogic instance is started by the Node Manager, clear check box near Modify WebLogic startup script. To find where your WebLogic startup script is located, check theTable for WebLogic/WebLogic Portal server startup script locations.

Click Next to configure the data collector.

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Configure the J2EE data collector for WebLogic/WebLogic Portal Server