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Preinstallation steps for data collectors on Solaris 8 - J2EE Agent

To install the data collector on Solaris 8 prior to the installation:

  1. Navigate to the DCPrereqs.xml file.

  2. Make a backup copy of the file, with a name such as DCPrereqs_original.xml.

  3. In the file, locate the following line:

    <osname Name="SunOS" Version="5" ReleaseMin="9" ReleaseMax="10">

  4. Change ReleaseMin="9" to "ReleaseMin="8". For example:

    <osname Name="SunOS" Version="5" ReleaseMin="8" ReleaseMax="10">

  5. Save the updated file.

  6. Perform the installation.

To see what application servers are supported on Solaris 8, visit the Prerequisites pages in the Tivoli Information Center: .ibm.itcamwas_wr.doc_6.2/welcome.htm

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