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Install the ITCAM for J2EE data collector on UNIX/Linux - J2EE Agent

This chapter provides complete instructions for installing the ITCAM for J2EE data collector (DC) on UNIX/Linux for the supported application servers. For advanced users who prefer to input installation information once through a response file instead of repeatedly inputting data, the ITCAM for J2EE DC provides a silent installation. For specific application servers, perform the steps for pre-installation or post-installation. Perform the steps in the following sections:

  1. For users of Oracle 9, ensure that you have bc-1.06-5 or higher version installed on your server if you are installing DC on Linux.

  2. For DC installation on WebLogic, there is an additional post-installation step.

  3. All the screen captures in this chapter are taken from DC installation on JBoss for illustration purpose. Actual screen displays may vary by platform.

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Agent for J2EE data collector Installation Guide