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Install Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java with IBM Support Assistant - J2EE Agent

Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java (MDD for Java) either analyzes a single heap dump or analyzes and compares two heap dumps and searches for evidence of a memory leak. In order to download MDD for Java, First install IBM Support Assistant (ISA). ISA provides extra help with diagnosing problems and provides extra tools and components for troubleshooting as well as providing a place to write problems (PMRs).

MDD for Java analyzes manual or scheduled heap dumps performed by ITCAM's Heap Dump Management feature.

You can use ITCAM's Heap Dump Management feature to schedule or immediately initiate the collection of an IBM Heap Dump for a particular application server. Then this dump must be downloaded and post-processed outside ITCAM's user interface (Application Monitor) using MDD for Java. (The other Memory Diagnosis tools provided by ITCAM, such as Memory Analysis, Heap Analysis and Memory Leak Diagnosis, provide analysis via the Application Monitor.)

MDD for Java only analyzes heap dumps from IBM JDKs. For non-IBM JDKs use the ITCAM Memory Leak Diagnosis feature.

Search capabilities are not supported for ITCAM for J2EE in ISA.

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