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Specify data collection for custom MBeans - an alternative approach - J2EE Agent

The custom_directory/ file contains the following properties with their default values:


These properties are in effect, only if the custom MBeans property is commented out in the file, as shown in the following example:

#  Uncomment the line below to enable custom mbeans

The presence of these properties displays all the existing MBeans in the application server, except for the ones that are already part of the mbeanconfig xml file. This is the list of the properties and their definitions:


You can use this property to get all the existing MBeans in the application server except for those that are already defined in the mbeanconfig.xml file. In effect while the custom MBeans property is not set. If the custom MBeans property is set, the property has no effect on getting all the MBeans. Set its value to “y” to activate it.

By default, the keyword “type” or “Type” is searched within each acquired object name. Having the domain name and the value of the “type/Type” creates the category name. The category name is displayed on the System Resource page on the Visualization Engine. If “type” or “Type” does not exist, the “name” keyword is searched in the object name, and its value is used to create the category name. If the “name” keyword does not exist, the canonical name that contains all the keywords for the object name is used.


If for some reason the ‘type’ or ‘Type’ keyword does not distinguish the MBeans, and you need more granularity, then you have to define more keywords to be included in the category name.

For example, if you specify the keyword “identifier” in addition to the “type/Type” keyword the value of the “identifier” will be included in the category name. The category name includes the “type/Type” value and the “identifier” value separated by an underscore (_) character. More than one keyword can be specified in the property. The keywords must be separated by a comma (,).


If for some reason, see the entire keywords in the object name (this could be a long string, so you should avoid doing it), then assign the “y” value to this property. This will result in including the entire keywords values for the category name separated by an underscore (_) character.


In some cases, especially in the case of using the canonical keyword, if the length of the category name is too long JMXEngine will automatically truncate its length to 30 characters. This is the default setting. If there is no need to truncate the category name, assign the "n" value to this property to prevent the truncation.


The default truncation length is 30 characters. To have a different truncation length set it in this property. Values above and below "30" are accepted.

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