IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Procedure - J2EE Agent

To verify the installation and configuration:

  1. Verify installation of the data collector. This procedure shows data collector details, including the administrative server name, application server name, and platform:

    1. From the Application Monitor user interface, click Administration > Server Management > Data Collector Configuration > Unconfigured data collectors.

    2. Check to see that the server for the data collector is listed.

  2. Apply a configuration to the data collector in the Application Monitor user interface: see the topic on configuring a data collector in the online helps.

  3. Verify that the data collector components are enabled and running in the Self-Diagnosis page of the Application Monitor user interface. See the topic on viewing the Self-Diagnosis for the data collector Controller in the online helps.

  4. Verify that the data collector is communicating with the Managing Server: see the topic on viewing a stack trace in the online helps.

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Verifying the installation and configuration