IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Import the JVM parameters of DC for NetWeaver to monitor the server on the distributed dialog instance - J2EE Agent

This step is only required when you select the installation type as Distributed dialog instance installation.

If the ITCAM for J2EE DC is installed on the distributed dialog instance computer, manually configure your DC on central instance computer after the DC configuration steps described in Configure the J2EE data collector for NetWeaver are finished. You should configure the following steps before Configure references from J2EE services to Tivoli custom service.

  1. Log on the central instance computer.

  2. Navigate to <Central instance home>/j2ee/configtool

  3. Edit BatchConfig.bat on Windows platform or on Unix/Linux platforms. Modify the <Java home> setting as the <Java home> used by the central instance.

  4. Navigate to <Central instance home>/SDM/program

  5. Run config.bat on Windows platforms or on Unix/Linux platforms. For unconfiguration, run unconfig.bat or

Before you perform the post configuration steps, it is recommended to save a backup of the database of NetWeaver J2EE Engine.

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Post-configuration steps for NetWeaver