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Pre-configuration steps for supporting customized startup script for WebLogic - J2EE Agent

If a customized script is used for starting the WebLogic server, there are additional steps to be performed. The steps are necessary for the Configuration Tool to correctly locate the appropriate section of the script and insert the configurations of the data collector accordingly.

Two anchors are needed to be specified in the customized script before running the Configuration Tool. They are ITCAM_DC_SCRIPT and ITCAM_OPTIONS.


    To support a customized startup script, the anchor ITCAM_DC_SCRIPT is needed to be specified in the script. It must be defined in a new line and before the execution of java command. When the Configuration Tool runs, the configuration of the data collector is inserted before this anchor.


    <comment_tab> ITCAM_DC_SCRIPT, <VAR_SERVER_NAME>


    <comment_tab> is the character used for indicating a line of comment in a script. In UNIX, this is '###'. In Windows, this is 'REM'

    <VAR_SERVER_NAME> is the WebLogic server instance name. As WebLogic server instance name can be defined dynamically, <VAR_SERVER_NAME> is the variable that specifies the WebLogic server instance name. If omitted, the default value is SERVER_NAME.


    Add the following line in a customized script on UNIX:

    #### ITCAM_DC_SCRIPT, server1

    Add the following line in a customized script on Windows:

    REM ITCAM_DC_SCRIPT, server1


    The second anchor is required to be added as the last JVM option in the customized script. User needs to find where the JVM options are and insert $ITCAM_OPTIONS (on UNIX) or %ITCAM_OPTIONS% (on Windows). The anchor ITCAM_OPTIONS should be specified as the last JVM option, before the main class weblogic.Server in the WebLogic JVM startup options.

    Any existing Garbage Collection (GC) logging argument or Java security policy will be overwritten after the configuration process


    ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java ${JAVA_VM} ${MEM_ARGS} ${JAVA_OPTIONS}

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