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Unix/Linux: If you used the root ID for the data collector installation and the application server is not owned and operated by the root ID - J2EE Agent

On Unix/Linux, you may use the root user ID to perform data collector installation. The installer will have the authority to use whatever directories and files it requires, and will be able to find most application server installations on the server. But, if the application server is not owned and operated by root ID, you will need to finish the following tasks, in order for the data collector to work correctly:

  1. Use the chown command to turn over the data collector installation from root to the application server owner ID:
    chown -R serverOwnerId:serverGroupId DC_home

  2. Make sure that the application server owner ID can write to the /var/ibm/tivoli/common/CYN directory:
    chown -R serverOwnerId:serverGroupId /var/ibm/tivoli/common/CYN

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