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The World

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Music and Talk

  1. 770 Radio K
  2. KEXP Seattle Archive
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  8. KZSU Stanford
  9. KGNU Boulder
  10. KPFA
  11. KDHX
  12. BBC Radio 1


Document conversion

You can use to convert those bloated, balky, buggy PDF files into HTML.


Ants and Parrots

Evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson's followup to his Pulitzer Prize winning The Ants has been released. The Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies.

How does an ant work out how far it is back to the nest? Simple: by counting its steps. Glue stilts onto its legs as it sets out and it will pace out into the wilds; take them off and it will walk only part of the way back.

Another noteworthy book just release, Alex & Me: The Cage Bird Speaks by Irene M. Pepperberg, which chronicles the extraordinary communication skills of a a brainy parrot...

During one training session, Alex repeatedly asked for a nut, a request that Pepperberg refused (work comes first). Finally, Alex looked at her and said, slowly, "Want a nut. Nnn... uh ... tuh." It was as if he were saying, "Hey, stupid, do I have to spell it out for you?"

Perching near a harried accountant, Alex asks over and over if she wants a nut, wants corn, wants water. Frustrated by the noes, he asks, .Well, what do you want?. Mimicry? Maybe. Still, it made me laugh.

After performing major surgery on Alex, a doctor hands him, wrapped in a towel, to an overwrought Pepperberg. Alex "opened an eye, blinked, and said in a tremulous voice, 'Wanna go back'" . It's a phrase Alex routinely used to mean "I'm done with this, take me back to my cage".


Migration and tuning

Before doing migration from one WebSphere environment to another, patch both environments up to latest fix pack levels.

For load testing, most important...

  1. Spin up new appservers
  2. Enable servlet caching

Run As The Root Account

Hilarious post urging Linux admins to stop wasting time with sudo and just run as the root account. I wholeheartedly agree.


Secure Gmail

To enable encrypted Gmail:

  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
  3. Set 'Browser Connection' to 'Always use https.'
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. Reload Gmail.


Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers - regardless of platform or language. Jump in and share your software engineering expertise! No registration or account required.


WebSphere Portal v6.1

Note to self: Do not click around the Web Content Authoring portlet while the ConfigEngine script is still running. Contention.

Also, The configure-express task requires that authentication information be set in portal properties file.


Faster page loads

For faster loading pages, use hyperlinks with a trailing slash


Follow along

From Metafilter, for those wanting to follow along here's a list of some finance/econ (we)blogs, in no particular order :


Augustus Ceaser

Someone I know reading The Lives of the Twelve Caesers. Augustus Caeser had some good project management mantras...

Hasten slowly


That is done fast enough, which is done well enough.


Web page testing tool

You can use the WBox HTTP testing tool to stress test servers and apps...

% wbox http://localhost clients 4
WBOX localhost ( port 80
0. 200 OK    9939 bytes    14 ms
0. 200 OK    9939 bytes    22 ms

...or obtain splitted timing information...

% wbox timesplit 1
WBOX ( port 80
0. 200 OK    44134 bytes    1326 ms 
       [0] 0-4095 -> 728 ms
       [1] 4096-8191 -> 254 ms
       [2] 8192-12287 -> 16 ms
       [3] 12288-16383 -> 17 ms


Signal vs. Noise

Scientific research conducted by Walker Reading Technologies, a small Minnesota startup that has been studying our ability to read for the last ten years, has concluded that the natural field of focus for our eyes is circular, so our eyes view the printed page as if we are peering through a straw.

Here is an example...


This site believes in a lot of white space and blockquotes too. Might have to expand formatting even more...



Using Mainsoft's Visual MainWin, .NET developers can deploy ASP.NET applications as pure JSR 168 portlets.



A paen to lsof.