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Author: mpareene

Agile notes

Reading Kurt Cagle’s article Beyond Agile: The Studio Model.  A lot of interesting insights, but this passage struck me in particular.

One significant flaw in Agile is that it is programmer-centric and task-oriented. However, a significant portion of any project relies upon existing resources and SMEs who serve to to curate, annotate and document the institutional information that are necessary for projects to succeed. They are the ones that end up documenting code and make information consistent, findable and describable within a common metadata framework. These are ongoing processes, which IMHO have always fallen outside of most Agile frameworks, yet as enterprise consistency becomes an ever larger requirement, the role of librarians and data stewards becomes much more pressing.


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DataPower XI52 in a nutshell

The IBM DataPower XI52 appliance provides an ESB backbone that facilitates (brokers) communication between services. Features include…

Protocol virtualization Communication between parties who use different protocols such as http, https, ftp, MQ. ESB bridges (converts) these protocols.
Message format virtualization For example, one party sends XML (SOAP) message, ESB converts to JSON, which is sent to backend.
Endpoint virtualization WSDL services that used to exist on servers can be moved to ESB.
XML attack security Including DoS, MMXDos, and other attacks.
Configuration driven interface Less code to write
XML processing at wire speed. Versus server-based ESB solutions that operate at software speed.
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Sporadic exceptions

Sporadic exceptions in a clustered environment may indicate that one of the cluster members is mis-configured. For example, a jar file version is out-of-date on one of the cluster members. Or, if you are making web service calls to a VIP that load balances to multiple producer hosts, and you are getting sporadic errors related to SOAP calls, this generally indicates that one of the web service producer hosts is mis-configured.

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